The City

BrazGil is located on the beautiful and charismatic thermal city of Caldas da Rainha, national reference on the genuine ceramic business and cradle to great Portuguese artists.

Caldas (therms) da Rainha, former “Caldas de Óbidos”, fundaded by D. João II by the end of the XV century, known for the virtue of it’s thermal sulphuric waters that help the heal of rheumatic diseases. In 1482, Queen D. Leonor, wife of D. João II and grantee of Óbidos was healed of a breast wound by the miraculous waters and determined the construction of an hospital.

Caldas da Rainha became an important pole of National Ceramic Art, highlighting Maria dos Cacos, Manuel Cipriano Gomes, Francisco Elias and Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro, among others.

BrazGil, aware of the history and tradition of Caldas in the art of ceramics, contributes to the further development introducing porcelain for the first time.